Startup Business Loan Options in Chicago

Startup Business Loan Options in Chicago

In market there are mingle of lenders offer business loans for startups business like Strategy Lenders, Here we are sharing some alternative option to finance a new business in Chicago.
As you know many business lenders asking that you have been in business for at least a year to to qualify for financing but you have some alternative funding option which you may utilise for your startup business as well.

So if you’re looking for a startup business loan then this post may helpful for you.

Alternative Funding Option for Startup Business

  • SBA Microloans Loans – The microloan program of the United States Small Business Administration is startup-friendly, granting loans of up to $50,000 to small firms wishing to start or expand. SBA microloans average around $13,000. Microloans from the Small Business Administration are handled by nonprofit community lenders and are often easier to qualify for than larger loans. The disadvantage is that funding may not be adequate for all borrowers.
  • Personal business loans – Personal business loans are another option for new business owners and you may find those lenders online on search engine. Personal loan are based on your personal credit history, making them a viable choice if your firm is too new to qualify for other types of financing.
    Personal loans, especially for those people having weak credit having hefty APRs (up to 36%). This means that business owners with good personal credit and a good income are the greatest candidates for this option.
  • Grants – In USA for Small Startup business, Small-business grants from private organisations and government agencies are the best option to initiate capitalization for your new startup but for certain fledgling enterprises, though, free financing may be worth the effort like if you are in U.S. military then you can access small-business grants for veterans.
  • Funding From Friends and family – Borrowing money from friends or family is quite default if you have bad credit in market but if you’ll have to persuade them that you’ll be able to pay them back then this is also a great option for your startup business. If your relatives and friends know about you and you have good reputation between them then this is a good point for you. Here only you need to share your goal of your business.
  • Credit Cards – Credit card funding option only available for short-term financing for startup business. Your company credit card’s annual percentage rates are mostly determined by your personal credit ratings. You’ll pay a greater interest rate if your personal credit is bad.

Profile of Strategy Lenders

After decades of experience in the financing service industry, we have established ourselves as a market leader. We’ve worked with a variety of firms and investors in a variety of industries. This has not only given us a better understanding of the market, but it has also made us more cognizant of the demands of business owners like you.

Through their diverse ventures, our investors have amassed knowledge in a variety of communities. This not only assists us in assisting you with the local market, but also allows us to provide you with the most up-to-date and exact financial solutions and advice in accordance with your business objectives.