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We are specialized in restaurant financing and consulting services in Chicago, helping restaurant businesses get financial support when they need it. We have over two decades of experience in providing trusted lending services to a wide variety of restaurant businesses since 2001,

Our highly experienced financial team know that what exactly a restaurant business requires to make a profit and to achieve its success in the long run.

We have a well-established reputation in providing various financial solutions including restaurant loan, equipment loan, Real-Estate or Commercial loan, small business loan, employment agency loan, cell tower loan and many more. We have long list of clientele ranging from single-unit operators to multi-unit operators nationally as well as internationally spread restaurant chains.

A restaurant needs a continuous flow of capital to stand out in the crowd. Since banks’ lending requirements are almost impossible to arrange for most restaurant owners, they find themselves forced to get stuck into indiscriminately expensive financial options like merchant cash advances to meet their end needs. We not only help you to get the capital you need but also provide seasoned guidance to maximize your ROI (return on investment).

Purpose you may choose for restaurant loan-

  • For Equipment Purchases or Upgrade your Restaurent – A Restaurant owner may apply for restaurant loan to upgrade their restaurant or may apply to purchase equipment of restaurant to run their business smoothly. In both cased you are eligible.
  • Purchase Supplies – A restaurant loan can help you get the money you need to keep your restaurant stocked with the ingredients and merchandise you need for your food and beverage needs.

Why Choose Strategy Lenders for Restaurant Loan-

At strategy lenders, we have been working in the finance industry since 2001 and successfully served a wide range of clients including restaurant startups, renowned restaurant chains, and even multinational restaurant brands. 

We prioritize maintaining customer satisfaction and long-term relationships rather than only making profits. We assume our clients as a partner and work together to achieve mutual growth.

There’re a number of salient features that make us different from others and it’s really not possible to mention them all. However, some of them, for example, may include:

Points which make us Different s from Other- 

  • We’re specialised in financing the restaurant, hotel, and hospitality industry.
  • We don’t focus on selling our services to our clients, rather we offer solutions to their problems and help them in every step throughout the lending process.
  • Neither we’re loan brokers nor we have loan brokers, making your lending process simple and cost-effective.
  • With us, you don’t need to worry about your previous financial history and even if your card is less than perfect, you’ll get approval for a loan.
  • A deep relationship between our company and our panel banks will help you get seamless approval for the best loan product at a very competitive rate.
  • Flexible financing facilities are available, meaning you can customize your loan volume and repayment terms according to your needs and preference.


The last 2 years have been tough for all kinds of business and we at Stragery Lenders understand that. Thus to help you overcome the challenges due to COVID-19, we’ve introduced our new Interest-Only Flex Pay Loan. With this scheme, we provide you with financial solutions where you need to pay only the interest for the initial 5 months.

This provides you an extra time and confidence to set up and expand your business. Once it is done you have the option to pay off the principal amount. However, even if the 5 months were not enough for you to have a stable footing, worry not, we got you covered. After the interest-only period, we’ve created the perfect safety net – a built-in 60-week rollover amortisation. Low-interest rates and such flexibility in terms of a loan payment you can truly borrow with confidence! Strategy Lenders comes up with more such schemes with the aim to help its customers grow.

Advantages of strategy lenders Restaurant Loans

  • Low documentation and very simple process.
  • Our restaurant loans come with a renewable line of credit and 24-hour availability.
  • Fast approval and disbursement in as less as 3 days.
  • Low weekly payment options with terms ranging from 12 to 36 months.
  • Free online quotes.
  • No hidden costs, low rates, and fixed payments.
  • Early pay-off facilities and tax-deductible interest.
  • No collateral is needed on loans up to $450K.

Why Restaurant Loan?

You can use your restaurant loan in many different ways to encash new business opportunities and accelerate your as well as your restaurant business’s growth. Here’re some of the useful ways you may need a restaurant financing service.

  • Expanding your existing restaurant.
  • Upgrading the existing kitchen with new equipment.
  • Opening new branches to new locations.
  • Making up short-term cash crisis.
  • Remodeling or renovating restaurant premises.
  • Improving inventory.
  • Clearing your previous outstanding debts.

Who Needs A Restaurant Loan?

Restaurant loans and restaurant financing are available to any restaurant owner who needs capital to fund projects such as equipment financing, inventory financing, building renovations, restaurant expansions, upgrading computer systems, paying off outstanding debt, buy out a business partner, liquor licenses, other licenses, pay for franchise obligations, signage, adding catering services, revamping restaurant menu and bar options, marketing and advertising, buying a new restaurant location, stabilizing cash flow for emergencies and opportunities. These are just a few recurring reasons restaurant owners choose ARF Financial first.

Smart restaurateurs are choosing our restaurant loans because there is no collateral required, rates are low, the terms are flexible, and payments are fixed. These restaurant loans are not tied to your credit card receipts which means you have access to a working capital cushion that is available for any business opportunity, repairs or for cash flow needs.

Your business can be much more


Our tried & tested business model

Over $500k approved & funded the same day.

To qualify for funding your business needs to be at least a year old. You should have revenues of $30,000 annually or $2,500 per month over the last three months.