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About Us

After working for decades in the financing service providing, we have emerged as a leader in this business. We have represented multiple companies and investors from various sectors. This not has helped us understand the market well but also made us aware of the needs of business owners like you.

Our investors have gathers knowledge in multiple communities through their array of projects. This does not only helps us help you with the local market but also makes us capable of providing you the utmost and precise financial products and advice in accordance to your business goals.


We are committed to our clients

Our Mission

Our primary focus is our client success and we measure our achievement in terms of their success. We are local and we know the requirement of clients. We try to fulfil their needs and expectations by giving realistic guidance, successful implementation and well-designed investments in market.

We will continue to update our resources to ensure that we are providing the most up–to–date procedures and know–how to our clients.

Why choose us?

Our network and relationships with banks and other financial investors across the country which helps you to acquire financial investments and collateral investments in the shortest time and with limited paper work.

Qualify in one day

We offer Same Day Loans approvals after successfully submitted the loan application.

Fixed ROI

Loan Interest rate remains the same throughout the set period on amount that you apply.

No Paperwork

We offer fastest way with few easy steps and minimum paper work for loan approval.

Medical Insurance

We also offer medical insurance on an insurance policy up to 80 to 90% of the policies surrender.

Intraday Approval

We offer Intraday loan facilities to cover debit transactions at the end of the operations day.

Annual Bullet

Strategy Lenders offer a bullet repayment on the entirety of an outstanding loan amount.


Strategy Lenders isn't just lending you money and then forgetting about you; they're genuinely interested in your company. Their main purpose is to help your business grow by providing the necessary financing.

— Booker T.

CEO, SkySoft Digital

Up to $500k approved & funded the same day.