Equipment Financing


Strategy Lenders offers business equipment financing indeed for those looking significantly  to obtain new equipment, upgrade an existing one or simply maintain what they have or all of the above simultaneously. Also, It covers a wide range overall, from trucking and fleet expansion , restaurant equipment to different types of machinery. Equipment financing helps businesses to expand locations, buyout partners, refinance debts, and surprisingly  more.

Why finance with us?

Firstly, we have been providing business equipment loans and other types generally for over 10 years.   Secondly, and moreover, ever since we started, we have understood the landscape and requirements of our borrowers like no other. Altogether The trust gained of business owners and business partners enabled us to help them grow. Additionally, we have our national network of established investors and the best equipment financing companies which basically allows us to provide more funding for any business need.

Am I eligible for an equipment loan?

  • Be able to at minimum show that you have cash flow for at least 3 months regardless of how long in business.
  • Get business equipment loans from $150k to $10 million. Terms can vary from 15 months to 72 months.

Loan range: $150K to $300K

  • Must be operating for 3 years minimum( Less if you have consistent cash flow history)
  • Requires credit application and credit bureau reporting (CBR) authorization
  • Bank statements for 3 months, must show a 5-figure average daily balance (ADB)
  • should have Equipment quotation or invoice.
  • Most of the business structures should be available

Funding range: $300K to $500K

  • Operating for 2 years minimum( Less if you have consistent cash flow history).
  • Most recent Year-end financial statements, tax returns, and current interims.
  • Personal financial statement and most recent tax returns.
  • Business debt schedule.
  • Need Equipment quotation or invoice.
  • Business structures must be available

Finance range: $500K and above

  •  2 years operations  minimum ( Less if you show consistent  cash flow history).
  • Financial statements prepared by third-party, preferably.
  • 3 years of company financial statements and personal tax returns.
  • Have to execute Personal Guarantee (PG) on owners with 20%+.
  • invoice or quotation for equipment .
  • All of the business structures must be available

What other programs do we have?

Sale & Lease Back

Our program altogether utilizes the equity in your existing equipment. This way, you can expand your business basically without draining your working capital. Formerly, Strategy Lenders will buy the equipment from you and will lease it back to you with affordable monthly installments if needed.

Startup Program

For businesses who are newly established, despite typically less than 2 years. We have a program offering equipment loans for startup businesses. Because , you can grow your businesses by financing the equipment that you need.

B, C And D Credits

Although since the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses have been struck financially and crippled personal credit. Besides those short falls, Our special program allows you to restructure your financial needs to rebuild the company.

Over $500k approved & funded the same day.

To qualify for funding your business must be able to show monthly cash flow You should have minimum revenues of $30,000 annually or $2,500 per month over the last three months.

Types Of Leases We Offer

We can finance almost any type of business related equipment

Approvals for application only in 24 hours. Middle market and large ticket financing usually take 3-5 days. Up to 84 months to repay with excellent rates. These programs are for companies that have been in business for two years or more.


Application up to $150,000. No financial statements necessary.


Middle market financing up to $500,000


Large ticket over $500,000


Little or no down payment


Numerous payment structures


We can finance almost any type of business related equipment

Government And Municipal Leasing

Lease financing to any government or municipal entity with guaranteed approval. The rate is determined by the rating of the municipality or government agency. A partial list of who we finance is listed below.


We Can Finance

This is the first question that "What type of business may apply for is equipment financing?". If you are also in same queue then review blow category of business that are eligible for equipment financing.

• Federal Government Agencies
• Armed Services
• State Agencies
• Public Schools
• Police Department
• Fire Houses
• Libraries

Why Choose Lease?

Leasing is one of the fastest growing ways of acquiring equipment in business today. Recent surveys found that 80% of U.S. businesses, from Fortune 500 to the local family business, lease some portion of their equipment.

Remember the 80’s when rates rose from 9% to over 20% in one year? That can’t happen with leasing.

Lease payments can usually be treated as a pre-tax business expense you may even reduce your taxes

Your business can be much more


Our tried & tested business model


Depending on the type of equipment loan and cost of the equipment loan all equipment loan can finance for one to four years or up to 10 years.

The procedure provides you with the finances you need to secure the purchase of capital equipment for your company is called capital equipment financing.

Equipment financing is a one kind of business financing which refers to provide a credit facility to finance equipment and machinery required for your business.Using this equipment financing facilities you can buy equipment, lease equipment, upgrade equipment or repair your equipment.

Through equipment financing facilities you can buy equipment, lease equipment, upgrade equipment or repair your equipment fast.

Equipment lease is an agreement provide by owner of the equipment which allows the lessee to use the equipment for a specified period of time on periodic payment option.

All most every equipment can be lease or finance from office equipment like air conditioning to heavy machinery and vehicles in equipment financing.

If you want to acquire the most attractive interest rates and payback conditions on equipment financing for your business, you should aim for a credit score of at least 650 to 700. The higher your credit, like with other financial goods, the better the financing alternatives and products available to you.

Lenders should budget for a down payment of 5% to 20% of the purchasing product price and lenders normally require a credit score of at least 600, as well as security for the equipment being acquired.