Equipment Loan Option For Commercial Business in Chicago

Equipment Loan Option For Commercial Business in Chicago

Commercial equipment financing is available at Strategy Lenders for those company who are looking to purchase new equipment, improve old equipment, or just maintain what they already have. Not only Commercial business but have wide range of topics, including computer technology, catering equipment, and many sorts of machinery.

What is Commercial Equipment Financing?

Commercial Equipment finance is a sort of small-business loan specially designed to help you buy the gear and equipment requires for your commercial business to run your business smoothly. A Commercial equipment loan can be used to buy everything from office furniture to medical equipment to farm machinery and commercial ovens.

Why Choose Strategy Lenders for Commercial Equipment Financing in Chicago

For more than 20 years, Strategy Lenders has been providing commercial equipment loans and other forms of loans and since the beginning, we have had a unique understanding of the landscape and needs of our borrowers.

We have earned the trust of business owners and partners by assisting them in their growth. Strategy Lenders also collaborates with a number of well-established funders and the leading equipment financing firms, allowing us to offer more loan options for every business requirement.

Commercial equipment Loan $150K to $300K

  • Available for minimum 3 years old business.
  • Requires credit application
  • 3 Month Bank Statement must show a 5-figure ADB (average daily balance )
  • Invoice of Equipment
  • Most of the business structures should be available

Commercial Equipment Loan $300K to $500K

  • 2 years minimum business operating
  • Financial statements and tax returns of Current years end.
  • Must requires statement of personal financial and tax returns of current month.
  • Equipment Invoice
  • Personal Guarantee (PG) on owners with 20%+. (Optional)